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Laboratory/Support Engineer实验室工程师

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Xuzhou, 32, China
Date Posted: Sep 29, 2020

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Job Description




  • Prepare and perform testing procedure and work instruction for NPI, IQA, Failure Analysis, and Shop Problem Solving etc. projects according to 1E, GB, ASTM or other standards. /新产品检验、来料接收检验、失效分析和车间里问题等任务,根据1E、国标、美标等相关的工程技术标准或要求,去建立并执行金相实验室的检验作业指导。
  • Perform and/or train Lab technicians inspecting NDT, Metallurgical, mechanical property, print/specification required items; and make professional evaluations on the results then give technical suggestions to customer.亲自执行或培训/指导实验室技师对零部件进行无损检测、金相质量、力学性能、图纸或标准要求项目等检测,对检测结果进行评判,并提供技术改进建议。
  • Perform Failure Analysis for failure returned components to find root cause and improvement suggestions. /对失效的零部件进行根本原因分析,并提供技术解决方案。
  • Receive work assignments from the supervisor or a more experienced staff position and consult with those or other positions to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the work objectives and means to achieve them. Design or coordinate required tooling, equipment, materials and innovational alternative solution plans about the tasks to be done./接受主管或高级技术人员指派的工作任务,并与主管或高级技术人员充分交流对工作目标和达到目标的途径做到全面理解。设计或协调所有完成工作必要的工具、设备和方案。对工作中的问题,能够随时准备好利用现成的、清晰的、明确的资源提供简单直接的解决方案。
  • Have direct contact and interact with CXL Quality/Engineering/Operation teams, Product Groups, Design team, Managements, Supply chain team, Service engineers, SQEs, PCEs, suppliers and CAT dealers to complete metallurgical analysis and problem solving activities服务的客户包含但不仅限于CXL的质量部门/工艺部门/生产运作部门、产品组、设计部门、全球采购部、CAT各级管理人员等。日常工作对这些客户的工作有直接或间接的支持。
  • Plan and schedule assignments and ensure a good understanding of the work and that it is completed in a manner to best meet the intended purpose. Request necessary support from CAT engineering and design team.安排计划实验室日常工作,确保工作目标被所有团队成员良好地理解和执行。必要时向CAT其他专家或设计工程师寻求帮助。
  • Plan and audit the quality of technicians’ job including but not limited to NDT, metallurgical, mechanical property test, welding quality DT inspection. /策划并抽查技师的工作质量,范围包含但并不局限于无损检测、金相检测、力学性能检测、焊缝破坏性检测等。
  • Manage and purchase Met Lab equipment, tools and consumables. /负责实验室设备、工具和耗材的采购和管理。





  • Requires an accredited material or detection or related engineering degree. Bachelor or master grade is required. /要求大学本科或以上学历,材料、检验检测类等专业方向均可。

·       Fluent English speaking and presentation ability is required. /具有良好的英语听说读写能力。

·       Must have strong sense of responsibility and ability to communicate effectively with team members and others in the work group, as well employees in other units, customers and suppliers. /正直,责任心强,具有良好的沟通能力和人际关系处理能力。

·       Incumbents, who have gained 2 years’ experience of Met Lab related jobs and are know-how about NDTmicrostructure, mechanical property, metal composition inspections and familiar with normal metal processing (heat treating, welding, casting and forging etc.), are preferred.  /优先选择具有2年以上金属材料实验室质量检测的工作经验,非常熟悉无损检测、金相制样、硬度检测、金相检测、机械性能检测、化学成分检测。熟悉热处理和铸造工艺,对锻造工艺有基础的了解。

·       Other testing knowledge is preferred, like UT and analysis capability and welding/casting/forging process work experiences. /拥有其他的技能和能力会被优先选择,例如超声波探伤、失效分析或者焊接、铸造、锻造等工艺的工作经验。

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Job Info

Sep 29, 2020