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Manufacturing Engineering - Welding Robot Application

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Xuzhou, 32, China
Date Posted: Jul 31, 2020

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Job Description


JOB PURPOSE:  To achieve the robot welding index such as UT 1st pass rate, robot welding rate and appearance DPM, etc. by performing technical analysis and improvement of robot welding process and program of small and medium-sized excavators.

通过对中小型挖掘机结构件焊接机器人的工艺过程、程序进行技术分析与改进,实现UT一次通过率 /焊达率/外观DPM等指标。

JOB DUTIES:  This is a staff assignment that is involved in the maintenance and improvement of processes and systems used in the manufacture of product, job scope include:


Be responsible for the optimization of process flow, and layout of stick robot welding area, Continuous improvement of production environment in terms of safety, quality, speed and cost, and support the implementation of 66 units production capacity.


Participate in the UT 1st pass rate improvement,robot welding rate improvement, robot overhaul, robot programs flexibility and other projects. Promote robot welding quality and efficiency and reduce the cost of repairing.


Be responsible for the preparation and optimizing of robot welding instruction and programs in this area, and provide on-site guidance, training and supervision to operators to ensure the implementation


Be responsible for the update and optimization of welding robot,tooling, and working position instruments in this area, make demand plan in time and supervise the whole process of the implementation of the plan; determine the purchase plan of equipment, tooling and tools in this area with external suppliers.


Formulate control measures for high risk robot welds to reduce the defect rate of fabrication cracking.


Implement engineering change notice, assess whether the capacity of the area is met initiate and implement all changes. Track and evaluate the effectiveness of changes to ensure the smooth robot welding process.


Do a good job of quality management in this area according to CQMS quality management system


Support the introduction of new products, complete the preparation of the robot welding: potential failure mode and consequence analysis and control plan, process optimization and capacity analysis, robot welding operation instructions, WPS and mockup analysis and validation, programing, optimizing and tracking of robot programs;

支持新产品的引进,完成机器人焊接工序前准备工作:潜在失效模式和后果分析及控制计划、工艺流程优化和能力分析,WPS及Mockup 分析及验证,机器人程序编制、优化及跟踪;


Work experience and skills:


1.Bachelor’s degree or above, or equivalent


2.At least 3 years working experience in engineering machinery fabrication welding;


3.Have certain learning ability; be familiar with engineering drawings; be familiar with robot welding programing;


4.Good teamwork spirit; innovative spirit


5.Good skills of English listening, speaking, reading and writing;


Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO)

EEO/AA Employer. All qualified individuals - including minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities - are encouraged to apply.

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Job Info

Jul 31, 2020