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Virtual Analysis Engineer

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Qingdao, 37, China
Date Posted: Jul 2, 2020

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Job Description


Job Purpose

CQL 虚拟产品开发工程师的主要职责目标包括但不限于以下内容,能够熟练准确地建立和维护整车级别多体动力学仿真模型,通过仿真,为整机及相关系统的性能模拟和改进,提供计算和分析结果,并对改进方案进行分析和验证;能够结合结构分析结果提出测试的要求,并能够进行试验数据的处理和分析;能够开展工作装置连杆机构的概念设计和优化设计。

As a CQL VPD engineer, the key role and the job purpose may include but not limit as below:  this position could expertly and correctively buildup and maintain the machine level multi-body dynamic simulation model,  and it could use the model to conduct simulation job for machine and system performance to support any concept improvement and virtual validation. It could expertly and correctively conduct FEA model build and analysis for structures, Powertrain system and provide the conclusion and recommendations of the related improvement according to the virtual analysis. It could provide test requirements according to the virtual analysis condition and result and it could conduct test rough data reduction and analysis. It could conduct linkage optimization and concept development.




Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

1.      Dynasty Simulation -- 与系统组合作,建立系统Dynasty(CAT多体动力学软件)模型;整合各系统至整车级别多体动力学仿真模型;为系统性能仿真提供支持。

Dynasty Simulation -- Working with system team to build system Dynasty model. Integrated system to L4 machine model. Support system on issue/performance simulation。

2.      Wheel Loader Linkage Concept development and Optimization –装载机连杆机构的方案设计和优化设计。

3.      负责CQL轮式装载机、推土机、平地机和压路机的大结构件、薄板件及其它系统与结构强度相关零部件静强度、疲劳寿命、动态响应等FEA相关工作。

Responsible for static strength, fatigue life and dynamic response etc. FEA related work for CQL Wheel Loader, Track Type Tractor, Motor Grader and Soil Compactor larger structure, light fabricate and other team’s structure strength related components.

4.      负责CQL产品所有系统零部件螺栓联结强度和滑移分析。

Responsible for CQL products all the system parts and components bolted joint strength and slippage analysis.

Advanced English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, CET-6 or above.




Required Qualifications:


1.      工程力学专业或者相关技术专业研究生

Master's degree in Engineering Mechanics or equivalent technical degree.

2.      能够熟练使用多体动力学仿真软件,如ADAMS, Simpack等。

Familiar with Multi-Body dynamic simulation software, for example, ADAMS, Simpack etc.

3.      能够熟练使用FEA软件,如Abaqus、NX、Creo Simulation等。

Familiar with FEA software, for example, Abaqus,NX,Creo Simulation etc.

4.      至少3年在土方机械领域与强度分析、测试和设计相关的工作经验

Minimum of 3 years of strength analysis, testing, and design experience for earthmoving machines

5.      良好的人际关系

Good interpersonal skills are essential to develop a cooperative working relationship with others, both inside and outside the organization

6.      中级的英语听,读,写,说能力,英语水平四级以上。

Intermediate English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, CET-4 or above.


Desired Qualifications:


1.      卓越的沟通和团队合作技能。

Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

2.      高级的英语听,读,写,说能力,英语水平六级以上

Advanced English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, CET-6 or above.

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO)

EEO/AA Employer. All qualified individuals - including minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities - are encouraged to apply.
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Job Info

Jul 2, 2020