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Facility Services Manager

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Nishi-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan
Date Posted: Nov 28, 2019

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Job Description


As a Facility Services Manager at Caterpillar, you will provide leadership of operation and management in YOKOHAMA office with high value, competitive services and products that improve/increase the employee value, customer satisfaction and working environment. 

Job Duties/Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

This position will cover: Office Layout Planning, Audio Visual Analysis, Office Move Planning, Office Furniture Repairing, Parking / Badge Coordination, Office 5S and Event Coordination / Planning.  Responsible for training and motivating an exempt and non-exempt staff to achieve team objectives. 
This position requires a high degree of experience and expertise in various or specific fields of facilities such as building operations, building processes, facility infrastructure, field engineering, project management, office space, etc.  Incumbent needs to have a good understanding of office space management, facilities design combined with facilities operations expertise to provide for improved facilities operations and facilities maintenance.
This position provides leadership and directs employees, suppliers and consultants to determine feasibility of using existing, modified, and/or new facilities processes, office space, and designs to improve facilities processes and/or assets.  Reviews plans for facility projects, establishes priorities for cost effectiveness, manages budgeting/expense & capital accounting/purchasing matters associated with the work, and communicates with interested parties.  Ensures that appropriate customer groups, facility occupants, EHS, Accounting, Purchasing, internal/external maintenance and construction personnel, consultants, and governmental entities/regulatory agencies are involved in the approval process; so that sound decisions are made regarding facilities processes, construction, and/or cost reductions.

The specific responsibilities are: 
1. Prepare expense and capital budgets
2. Leading office capital and expense projects.
3. Conducted Office ERP in YOKOHAMA offices.
4. Improve and maintenance YOKOHAMA office utilities running properly. 
5. Provide good working environmental to YOKOHAMA employees. 
6. Leading continued improvement program in YOKOHAMA office.
7. Leading office EHS program and office 5S program in YOKOHAMA office.
8. Leading office security program.
9. Conduct liaison with local government and land lord to confirm Office Lease agreement, negotiate lease price with land lord. 
10. Implement seating and staffing arrangements.
11. Manage vendors, indirect office suppliers / vendors selection. 
12. Track vendor performance and drive continuous quality and cost improvement.
13. Plan and coordinate employee events and general budget oversight. 
14. Manage the daily operation and maintenance of office equipment and building utilities.
15. Manage office consumables. 
16. Manage mail services
17. Manage and control office spending of expense and capital.
18. Manage office services payment timely.
19. Coach global facilities YOKOHAMA team to maximize performance. and brings Value to the Business Units and employees
20. Maintain the relationship and to be the contact point between global facilities and Caterpillar internally customers and externally.


Required Qualifications:
This position requires considerable experience in various facilities disciplines gained through previous staff and/or supervisory assignments and/or external experience.  Requires analytical ability, project management skills, excellent oral and written communications skills, and experience in working with engineering consultants, equipment suppliers, and maintenance/construction companies.  Must have the ability to deal with a wide variety of individuals within the company and suppliers of services and equipment.  

This position requires either/or: 
1) A college degree in an appropriate engineering or technical discipline combined with: 
 a) Minimum of 2 years of appropriate internal facilities operation experience 
 b) Minimum of 5 years appropriate external facilities operation experience 
2) Ability to focus on customer needs
3) working language are English and Japanese

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Job Info

Nov 28, 2019