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Large Structure Design Engineer

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Qingdao, 37, China
Date Posted: Nov 28, 2019

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Job Description


Job Responsibilities:

1.      参考资料和设计,拟制结构件设计方案,制定设计、分析、测试及验证的项目计划;
Concept design based on existing design and related design guideline, standards, regulations. Design, analysis, test and validation related project planning and management.

2.      能独立主导结构件设计;
Conduct design and development of machine structures independently

3.      建立维护3D模型,管理并发放2D 图纸;
Establish 3D modeling and manage to release 2D prints.

4.      能使用ProMechanics进行初步的结构分析;与FEA团队和工艺部沟通,保证设计能满足产品,工艺,质量和可靠性要求;
Proceed with preliminary FEA analysis via ProMechanics; communicate with FEA Analysis Team and Fabrication Process Team to ensure the design can meet product, process, quality and reliability requirements

5.      编制技术文件,跟踪样机试制,测试及验证;
Put together technical documents for parts prototyping, test and validation

6.      结构件的质量持续改进;
Support quality continuous improvement

7.      为相关部门提供技术支持。
Provide technical support to relevant departments



Background/Working Experience

1.    本科及以上学历;5年以上工程机械结构件工程设计或分析经验;

Bachelor degree or above; At least 5 years work experience in structure engineering with Construction Machinery industry or related structural analysis.

2.    具有丰富的结构件产品制造方面的工作经验和知识;

Rich working experiences in structure fabrication and expertise

3.    了解整机结构及性能,对模型的建立能提出较好建议;

Deep understanding on machine construction and performance; able to provide valuable suggestion on machine modeling

4.    非常好的工作主动性,良好的沟通能力及协调能力;

Initiative, good communication and coordination skill

5.    良好的计算机操作技能,能熟练运用WORD、EXCEL、POWERPOINT等软件;

Computer literacy; skilled in Microsoft Office software like WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, etc

6.    熟练操作Pro/E,具备较全面的Pro/E技巧;

Be proficient in Pro/E or Creo software to conduct parts design

7.    良好的英语口语、书写能力。

Good written and spoken English ability.

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Job Info

Nov 28, 2019