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Low Powertrain Design Engineer

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Qingdao, 37, China
Date Posted: Jan 4, 2020

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Job Description


Job Responsibilities:
1、 独立承担驱动桥、轮胎轮辋,传动轴、制动系统、零部件设计;进行可行性分析,提出设计方案,完成零部件设计;
Be responsible for axle ,tire &rim ,drive shaft ,brake system/components of CQL products. Proceed feasibility analysis, put forward the design scheme, and complete components design;
2、 独立与供应商进行技术交流,确定技术方案,签订技术协议;
Be responsible for technical communication with suppliers, determine the technical proposal, and sign technical agreement;
3、 独立进行技术支持及现场技术服务;
Complete the technical support and on-site technical services independently;
4、 传动系统和零部件常见故障分析与解决;
Analyze and solve the common failure of axle , tire &rim ,drive shaft ,brake system and components.
5、 独立完成相关技术文件的编制;
Compile related technical documents independently;
6、 协助进行一般技术管理工作;
Assist with general technical management work;


Background/Working Experience
1. 机械设计等相关专业本科及以上学历,5年以上后传动系统设计工作经验;
Bachelor or above, more than 5 years Lower Powertrain design experience;
2. 积极进取,愿意学习新知识,工作扎实主动,能熟练使用Proe进行二维及三维绘图及管路绘图,熟练运用ERP系统;
Aggressive, willing to learn new knowledge, proactive, familiar with Pro/e to design 2D and 3D drawing and hose design, also proficient in ERP system;
3. 良好的沟通能力及协调能力,对具体问题能够做出准确分析并及时解决;
Good communication ability and coordination skills, can analysis and solve the relevant issue accurately and timely;
4. 诚实正直,敢于承担责任,具有吃苦耐劳精神及团队意识,认同团队文化;
 Integrity, strong sense of responsibilities, hard-working and teamwork;
5. 有较好的英语沟通及交流能力。
Good English communication skill.

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Job Info

Jan 4, 2020