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Video Producer/Director

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Beijing, 11, China
Date Posted: Nov 9, 2019

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Job Description


The director's initial contact with the customer is to determine goals, message, audience needs, and budget requirements of a given project. This requires the ability to interview and interpret the needs of various levels of people throughout Caterpillar Inc. A thorough knowledge of Caterpillar technologies is required. Negotiation skills are required to determine quality level of the product versus budget/cost restrictions. Once the requirements are determined, the director selects and hires a scriptwriter. The director then facilitates a meeting between a customer or a group of customers and the writer. This is a highly interactive process. Usually after several meetings and appropriate re-writes, the director gives final script approval. From this script, the director can
develop a visual treatment, determining how best to visually describe written thoughts. At this point, establishes shooting schedules, deadlines, quality levels, determines personnel required, and if any specialized equipment needs to be rented. A typical job requires the director to make arrangements for transportation of personnel and equipment, and to have invoices generated for approved suppliers. Travel to a job site or dealership may be required to assess locations, pick the best camera angles, check power availability, lighting and sound conditions, etc.

Prior to shooting the director must assure quality of recording by checking proper audio and video signal levels by using calibrated test equipment. Once actual production shooting begins, the director must supervise and/or execute camera movements and techniques and choose camera angles. The location shooting usually involves the director interfacing with customers, operators, and site management to schedule and stage proper Caterpillar equipment and locations to properly illustrate message. Video footage is reviewed for both quality and content to
assure all portions of the script have been covered. After returning to the office, the director arranges the return of any specialized rental equipment.

Post-production starts with the director selecting and hiring the proper professional narrator for voice-overs. The narrator is scheduled and audio recording session takes place. The narrator must convey the feel and pace of the video as supervised by the director. Once the audio recording is complete, the audio is reviewed for quality and content and the director chooses the best audio cuts for the final narration audio track. The director then makes the final decision of shot selections for the editor that best fits the narration. The director chooses proper transitions or special effects to add to the video, and also designs and/or creates appropriate graphics if required.
After audio and video decisions are married into a flowing, cohesive story, the director chooses the music that best fits the mood of the video. The three audio sources, (voice, music and any natural location sound), are mixed down into proper audio levels. The director reviews the final tape with the editor and any fine adjustments are made. A meeting is then scheduled with the customer or customers for a detailed review to assure customer and audience requirements and all agreed upon objectives were met. If any additional changes are required, appropriate changes are made and final customer approval is received.

At this time the director decides appropriate packaging, duplication, and distribution of completed master tape. Determines if it is cost effective to duplicate in-house, or for larger quantities of copies to be sent to an outside duplication service. The director determines what footage may be required for future use, or which footage may have historical value to Caterpillar Inc., and files such field footage and edited masters.

Provides direction contracted video technician, and as needed, college intern and contracted video personnel.

The director must annually evaluate current equipment and next generation equipment to develop 1 to 5 year equipment forecast, and translates into a capital dollar forecast. This requires the ability to envision a point in the future when emerging technologies and realistic ROI's intersect.

The video director is developing the practical applications and solutions for providing various rapidly growing internet/intranet video technologies for Systems+Processes Division. These include such things as QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR), live video streaming, live audio, and satellite programming to the desktop.

Beyond the completion of its own work, the position assigns and reviews the day-to-day work of other employees.It provides information for performance evaluations but is not solely responsible for personnel issues.

Typical internal customers include the employees in one Division. External contacts include various customers and vendors throughout worldwide markets. The position is challenged to quickly and correctly identify problems that may not be obvious. The incumbent solves problems by  determining the best course of action, within departmental guidelines, from many existing solutions. The incumbent is free to determine the best way to complete job assignments in order to achieve desired results. Work is reviewed after completion, except in the most complex or high impact situations. The position works to develop innovative processes or methods to best
use resources or technology in meeting the quality goals.

Moderate travel required (5% -15% of working time).



The position requires knowledge of various Caterpillar personnel and/or benefits policies and programs. Familiarity with Caterpillar functional areas, policies and procedures is required. The

position typically requires a college or university degree or equivalent experience. In addition, one to two years of job-related experience are typically required. Jobholder initiates communication with others outside immediate work group to work on new ideas or to counsel others, etc. The ability to listen to others is important to the job.


EEO/AA Employer. All qualified individuals – including minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities – are encouraged to apply.


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Job Info

Nov 9, 2019