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Quality System Engineer(Engine Lab)

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Wuxi, 32, China
Date Posted: Feb 25, 2020

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Job Description


This position is expected to be familiar with the company’s products design philosophy, testing procedure and also with its manufacturing processes and methodologies. Individuals in this position might expect to have several assignments allowing them to gain experience in multiple engineering functions. They will be expected to apply theory and concept in the assigned area and must build an understanding of how and why decisions are made within their work group and organization. They may be responsible for applying those decisions to technology, theory, design or development of a component or test, maintenance of a product or process, analysis of data or test results, application of a system, etc.




Work is typically directed by Engineering supervisor or an Engineer team leader who might review both methods and results. Decisions on routine, limited risk issues that may affect the project team, suppliers or internal customers may be made by this position. Challenges include meeting expectations in delivering results, learning to consider alternative courses of actions, making timely decisions and developing communication skills.
The responsibility may work in any number of functional areas requiring an engineering degree, including, but not limited to


  • Engine Debug in workshop- Ensure engine is ready to install in Test Cell. Such as: Transducer installation position, solenoid valve status check, ECM communication check, Injector trim code check, additional equipment check according to Work Order requirement, etc.



  • Ensure test cell equipment is ready and work in valid period.



  • Engine commissioning in Test Cell- Cycle, Channels , equipment set up,Equipment connection and communication;

技师上完台架后台架调试- 确保测试循环,通道,测试设备设置,通信连接正常;


  • Be familiar with Morphee system, edit multiple automatic program according to TP/ET;

精通台架Morphee操作系统, 能够根据试验标准编辑出各种自动程序;



  • Raw testing data acquisition and  post processing through Phoenix or Perfex,  offer processed test data to project engineer, and must has ability to judge the data is qualified;



  • Engine testing management, engine testing quality/health monitor and control;


  • Engine record management: recorder in Morpheee, project execution status ,engine tracking sheet and daily log book to manage test and result;



  • Supply engine trouble shooting and console problem solving during engine testing;make timely decisions.



  •  Engine performance research and development; carry out multiple engine testing;

发动机性能研发, 执行各种发动机试验;


  • Engine reliability assessment, can raise test report to project engineer or customer ;



  • Audit OEE input is accuracy/reasonable and on time

OEE 填写准确、合理、及时;


  • Be familiar with engine build and teardown process, master each measurement tools method, can conduct engine component inspection and measurement;



  • Regularly work report,failed report and draft build/teardown report;



  • Through engine test, evaluate engine products, processes or systems; can provide feedback about engine component materials selection, engine manufacturing process; application and installation;

通过发动机试验可以向客户提供各种回馈和建议: 零部件材料选择,新产品、工艺评估应用、零部件尺寸以及安装位置、制造工艺改进,等;


  • Product performance/application support, service and facilities.

工厂性能以及应用的技术支持, 包括相关服务以及设备支持;


  • Deliver testing results to customers, suppliers, team members, and other business units;



  • Develop communication skills, coordinate within team and between different team ;Support other engineers, managers, marketing personnel, customers and suppliers.



  • Keep closely work with instrument team to ensure all the equipment are working within period of validity date of calibration and maintenance ;



  • Take proactive to complete other supervisor assigned work.



  • The successful candidate will have a BSME or equivalent with 5 years of engine testing experience.


  • Engine Rating development knowledge


  • Engine Emission and Regulations knowledge


  • Analytical (troubleshooting and analysis) skills


  • Fluent in English


  • Must have ability to communicate effectively with team members and others in the work group.


  • Ability to learn quickly and retain pertinent information




  • Knowledge and experience in engine emissions measurement equipment such as Horiba MEXA and Sierra BG3; operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

熟悉Horiba MEXA 和Sierra BG3工作原理,能够独立操作、保养;简单故障诊断;

  • Knowledge and experience in D2t Morphee Ultimate data acquisition system;

熟悉测试台架操作系统- D2t Morphee,能够编辑、修改程序,以及数据后处理;

  • Engine Control knowledge 发动机控制逻辑知识

Project Management skills项目管理能力

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Job Info

Feb 25, 2020