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Engine & Cooling Design Engineer

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Qingdao, 37, China
Date Posted: May 26, 2020

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Job Description



Job Purpose:


The key role and responsibility of this position is, following NPI/CPI process, working on engine selection according to machine performance requirements, engine and cooling installation development, it should meet system and machine requirement from performance, cost and timeline.  It will support the product development and improvement.



Job Responsibilities:

1.      负责发动机的选型,按照整车的需求,与发动机供应商进行技术沟通并签署发动机技术协议。

Responsible for engine selection, communicating with the engine supplier according to machine requirements and sign the technical agreement.

2.      负责发动机系统的安装和选型工作, 包括进气系统、排气系统、悬置系统的选型和安装,发动机动力输出传动、液压等系统的安装联接和燃油管路设计等。

Responsible for engine relative system selection and installation development, including intake system, exhaust system, mounting system, flywheel / flywheel housing and PTO connection with powertrain, hydraulics etc. and fuel line design etc.

3.      熟悉发动机的工作原理,负责CQL产品发动机的应用和技术支持工作。

Be familiar with engine operating principle, responsible for CQL product engine application and technical support.

4.      负责冷却系统安装工作,包括管路的设计,风扇的选型和安装,并能够进行基本的冷却系统性能分析。

Responsible for cooling system installation development, including line routing design, fan selection and installation; basic cooling system performance analysis ability.

5.      负责发动机和冷却系统相关的产品改进工作。

Responsible for CPI projects relation to the engine & cooling system.

6.      负责发动机和冷却系统的成本降低工作.

Responsible for cost reduction projects relation to engine & cooling system.



Background/Working Experience

1.     本科及以上学历;

Bachelor degree or above

2.     3年以上工程机械发动机&冷却系统应用、设计经验。

At least 3 years working experiences in engine & cooling system application and design.

3.     良好的英语口语、书写能力优先。

Good written and spoken English ability.

4.     非常好的工作主动性,良好的沟通能力及协调能力;

Initiative, good communication and coordination skill

5.     熟练使用Cero/Pro-E绘图软件、及相关的办公软件

          Be proficient in computer、Cero/Pro-E drawing software and relative office software.

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO)

EEO/AA Employer. All qualified individuals - including minorities, females, veterans and individuals with disabilities - are encouraged to apply.
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Job Info

May 26, 2020



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